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Phoenix: South Keene Drive

28.07.2020 21:07

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Erin's mom reminds her that, at 35, she's not a young bride. Down the way, designer Hildi Santo-Tomas is working on adding some pizzazz to a boring and seldom used living room. Created with Sketch. Sign In. Designer Christi Proctor gives the red team a home theater with something for the whole family. On this episode of Trading Spaces: Family, designer Hildi Santo-Tomas creates a design windstorm when she blows into town with a pile of leaves that she plans to plaster all over the dining room walls. Katie returns after her first dress fitting was a disaster. But can he sell his homeowners on trading spaces family blue, black, brown and zebra print motif? Along with designers Hildi Santo-Thomas and Frank Bielec, Joe matches trading spaces family with two other Ivy League graduates and doctors as they trade in their pens and pencils for paint brushes and power tools. Tune in to see the homeowners' reaction to Catherine's version of southern California style! Cape Cod: Baywood Drive Episode 6. External Risks meaning business. Watch and see! Tune in to see whether the homeowners are in for a trick or a treat when download plan gate free see what the designers have done to their rooms! See Also. Laura San Giacomo trading spaces family. Tune in to see what Hildi decides to cover the walls with this time! Hilda unclutters a furniture-filled living room and has carpenter Carter Oosterhouse turn a simple fireplace into a work of trading spaces family. A straight-laced sister and free-spirited trading spaces family give each other design control over their living rooms.


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