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MET International sets up LNG trading desk as supply booms

24.08.2020 20:12

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One example is Inather Trading. However, the gas small business tracking not only sent to the ranks, but some of it was passed on to MET Hungary, who in turn sold i tat a greater price in the Hungarian market. Hungarian oligarchs want to participate in the international tracing of commodities. Lakatos is the President and Chairman of the Board of all of them. This rrading training program provides a unique opportunity to learn and apply the practical skills…. MVM imported gas via Austria at discount prices between and with the just click for source of MET — a company said to be close to the ruling Fidesz party small business tracking as a middleman, the green party said. A glance at the company register and it becomes evident: Lakatos himself founded both companies, and are entirely in his possession at the value of 2 billion francs. When the government nationalized all of the Hungarian savings banks last year, his business was spared. This is hard to imagine in the Hungary of today. Today we are a full member of the Energy Trading Club. Internayional BoD talks exchange gas trade development in Russia The Gazprom Board of Directors held a meeting in Moscow about the development of the exchange gas trading system. MOL Hungary is a party state-owned oil and gas syndicate. Share this article. Headquartered in Zug, the company is represented in eight European, with permanent staff located in Small business tracking, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom. Srpski English. Also, according to the news, they are among the biggest beneficiaries of the EU small business tracking funds.


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