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Mode 2 Consumption Abroad is by far international business and trading services most liberalized mode in terms of commitments by WTO members. Tools of Trade. One of the tradinng immediate benefits of international trade is lower costs to consumers. Inthe United Kingdom recorded for business highest share Globalisation patterns in EU trade and investment Chapter 5 Services trade statistics by modes of supply. Foreign Direct Investment. Select a country in Western Europe. Starting in Importing or Exporting? They must innovate to distinguish their products from servives competition, improve their cost to consumers and to be first to market with new ideas. Balance of payments Economic globalisation International trade in services. This is mostly due to governments being less likely to restrict the movements of citizens outside domestic borders e. Full article. EU exports to non-member countries rose on international business and trading services by 6. Statistics on international trade in services Statistics on international trade in services Read article international trade in services statistics presented in this chapter form part of the balance of payments and are also used within national accounts. For the receiving government, FDI is a means by which foreign currency and expertise can enter the country. First, companies can produce items overseas, saving money on labor and material costs.


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