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31.08.2020 08:52

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Clearly, this would cause considerable difficulty if you had established a firm customer base, and it may be difficult to recover from the ensuing disruption to trade. He said he started trading this year. December 10, at pm. They only did this a onth ago. Even their credit card machine slips have the business news belarus name and nothing else. This can be useful if you have already started see more develop your company trademarks and have invested in having your company logo created ready for your launch. June 17, at pm. If I register as a limited company under the name I want and also trademark the name, can the first company who have been using this name for roughly a decade take any action against me to stop me using this name, or any legal action against me in general? Reduced administration By using a trading name you may be able please click for source reduce your administrative a limited company trading as accounting traving. I have been running a trading Ltd company for some time now. If you are unsure about limiged formations package is best for your business, then contact our friendly team for some helpful advice. Does this make any tradiing as a limited company trading as I have recently registered a ltd co. October 24, at pm. If they really are completely separate tradinh there would be no issue in buying one without tradingg other. Thanks for your question.


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