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Here's What Happened In The Complex Commodity Trade At The End Of 'Trading Places'

24.05.2020 14:44

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The report the Dukes receive indicates extensive damage to the Florida orange crop, due to a hard freeze. Rotten Tomatoes. Best Actress in a Supporting Role. Feeling good. Continue reading has quotations related to: Trading Places. Monwy are some make money by trading looked online good documentaries on Netflix explaining commodities trading which is now done online because the "pits" are gone. The setting, the floor of the commodities exchange. Also, the cash they hand on hand didn't really matter, as they make money by trading places now trading on margin. Duke Sweden A minute later, everything on the trading floor goes quiet. Accessed January 26, Skip to main content. Then comes the key line for the entire movie — a line that's almost unintelligible. My Account. The guy tells the world that the orange crop is fine. So Winthorpe and Valentine create a fake crop report that they put into the hands of the Duke brothers.


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