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Cause it feels like Thanks make money by trading lie lyrics any help. Looking for a song link late 's to early 's, some of the lyrics were " and I'm going homerolly rolly, and I can hear the funky music on down the line"if I remember correctly it also mentioned miles in the song make money by trading lie lyrics "25 miles by Edwin Starr but its definitely not that song. SkYT3cH 12 February Reply Im looking for a electro,edm,techno type song a female voice says one two three remember me or dance with me or something. Losing money is the cost of doing business. All I can really remember about the lyrics is that the female says something about not make money by trading lie lyrics able to keep playing these little games and the male says something about her being broken and hiding it behind a smile. Tammy K 20 February Reply looking for lyrics, think it was a country song, from early s Chris Ritchie 12 February Reply Hoo boy, alrighty I'm looking for a song obviously that has two different vocalists. RnB song with "Only or Just you" and "For the rest of my life" in the lyrics, it was in a loud area so not even sure if it's the correct lyrics. Yes, society has lied to you. A girl sings it I heard it from a youtuber between pub games, I spend hours searching it up but I came up with nothing for the life of me: learn more here move closer, lets touch shoulders, do you feel that let's get bolder. Ono Isabel 16 February Reply I'm looking for this song When im make money by trading lie lyrics down i know my love is always be around she's always there when i need her and she's never let me down. Vanilla 19 February Reply Looking for a disco song that goes something like "I Just Someone 16 February Reply Looking for a song i heard like before but after i only remember "in the club girls so what in the club girls so what they shaking shaking it fast they want it want it so bad when i entered the club i was really amazed go to shaking it fast they want it want it so bad" some wprds may be wrong idrk its been almost 6 years since i heard it and i dont know the name. No matter what you do, you end up a winner. The only lyrics are a girl saying oh something investments soul eater agree.


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