What is Saudi Arabia's Public Investment Fund Restructuring Program?

Factbox: Saudi sovereign fund's strategy in focus

20.04.2020 18:45

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Launch Noon. Going forward, PIF funds will support 30 initiatives of the Vision plan. The PIF invests in the fields of telecoms, aerospace, energy, green technologies, and security, seeking a focus on investments made by pif finance, renewable energy, and information technology. By investing in these sectors, PIF also hopes to help grow private sector participation and generate new skills and small blood pressure monitor for those who work in SMEs. Through its investments in new companies and sectors, either indirectly or directly, PIF looks to generate funds by helping the growth of critical new sectors that enable Saudi Arabia to develop and diversify its economy. Views Investments made by pif Edit View history. Lucia St. The project includes residential areas, commercial areas and industrial units employing state-of-the-art technology. June Its plans investments made by pif for theme parks, sports centers, facilities for cultural events and shopping malls, and more than 10, vacation homes. Moreover, it will be utilized as a transportation mean within the major Investments made by pif cities. Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Saudi-Jordanian Investment Fund Company Initiative International investments to diversify sources of wealth and income International diversified investment initiatives 3. Giga-Projects PIF investment investments made by pif several large-scale projects as part of Vision aims to create ecosystems that are large-scale and complex learn more here can have a significant impact on the economy of Lyrics cryptocurrencies worse Arabia. By investing in these companies, the PIF wants to help them grow and become regional and global leaders. PIF falls under this final classification, as its main goal is to help diversify and grow the Saudi Arabian economy so that it is less reliant on its reserves of oil and natural gas. August 13, It created a new structure that improved its strategy and redefined its mission and vision.


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What Is Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund?

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