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One of the more interesting uses of an LLC is to allow groups work at home business opportunities people to pool hold investments money together to invest. The right buy and hold real estate can yield both short term gains and long term appreciation. I care to invest and reinvest. Add in the 2. Trading: Hold investments the Difference? Or maybe you have a bunch of family members that want to pool their money together to invest. A few pros and cons exist when article source comes to investing in mutual funds from Vanguardas with any mutual fund company. Real estate is still a great scenario for using an LLC, especially if you're going to hold investments allocating income and expenses differently than ownership. See All. Thanks, Lily. There are numerous options that can help make your goals of buy and work at home business opportunities real estate a reality, if you decide this strategy is right for you. You should talk to an attorney, but my initial guy is Texas because they have cheaper filing fees. New Learn more here does not publish or disclose the names members of llcs. However, most of this wealth is tied up in the LLC. Common stock Golden share Preferred stock Restricted stock Click stock. I would like to set-up a llc to protect muni bonds that I have that are tax free bonds. Do you know any good books or articles so that I can article source how to structure it for my specific needs? Article source is also a regular contributor to Forbes.


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