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The ratios an investor can calculate from these valuations are important, too. In accountinga current asset is any asset which can reasonably be expected to be sold, consumed, or exhausted through the normal operations of a business within the current fiscal year or operating cycle whichever period is longer. Startup companies may not have gathered as many assets and therefore could have negative equity in the beginning phases of business. Non-current assets include:. Capital investment decisions are long-term funding decisions that involve capital assets such as fixed assets. By Joshua Kennon. Accounts receivable consist of the expected payments from customers to be collected within one year. For are investments a current assets manufacturing company, a business that makes the items merchandisers sell, this category also includes the raw materials used to make items. The current ratio is calculated find investor for business dividing total current assets by total current liabilities. Investments are classified go here current assets if the company intends to sell within a year. Prepaid expenses: Prepaids are any expense the business pays for in advance, such as rent, insurance, office supplies, postage, travel expense, or advances to employees. Noncurrent liabilities are listed below and include long-term debt obligations. Investing for Find investor for business Balance Sheets. In comparison, current assets are usually liquid assets that are involved in many of the immediate operations of the firm. Partner Visit web page.


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