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The experience of community health workers training in Iran: A qualitative study

03.04.2020 13:49

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Some topics that we were taught are not very useful in our daily practice. There will be a make money by trading upgrade covering lectures after completing the lectures in this module. Training training health workers CHWs is one of the key aspects that generally seeks to develop new knowledge and wofkers related to specific tasks and to increase CHWs' capacity to communicate with and serve local people. Search all BMC articles Search. In addition, interviews with the villagers revealed that visit web page needed to have more input in the design and implementation of the training program. Improving access to basic training has also been. To compensate, team members supported each another and assisted with technical skills where they could. Community health workers must click able to identify eye conditions such as cataracts so that those with eye conditions can be examined and diagnosed by the make money by trading upgrade team's ophthalmic nurses. Behvarz pre-service training in Iran is hosted by a specialised centre called District Behvarz Training Centre DBTC that provides 2 year residential training for students. The training programme was also effective in promoting the establishment of Oral Rehydration Units in the participants' heakth facilities. Li Peter R. The aim workeds this review is to examine how the five actions have been implemented in Iran and can serve as a guide to prevent and control diabetes. Historically, CHWs have not had formal training, but some employers prefer a Certificate IV in PHC, a vocational level of make money by trading upgrade education, below the level of a university degree. The relatively long period of initia l. Data were collected from both primary and secondary sources.


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