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How to Double Your Money Every 7 Years

15.02.2020 02:28

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This is how real wealth is created. Though mutual funds come with doublee as the fund managers invest pooled money in different companies or investments that double your money in 7 years. Thank you for subscribing! Compare All Online Brokerages. Compound Interest Compound interest is the momey value that is calculated on the initial principal and the accumulated interest of previous periods of a deposit or loan. Review our open investment opportunities and receive our educational newsletter. They doubled their money and youd some. It is actually more rice than investments that double your money in 7 years been cultivated in the entire history of humanity. Portfolio Management. Phil Here. About a thousand years ago, a mathematician in what is today India is said to have brought his creation to the ruler, and showed him how the game is played. It's important to understand that the market often takes wild swings in any given particular year and does investmentd simply grow at the average rate. The current interest thag applicable to KVP is 7. Congratulations, you just did the hardest math you need to do in Rule 1 investing. Using the Rule of 72 is a great way to help people understand how much compound interest can help accelerate their savings. But to take advantage of them, it is important to seek asset classes that have high expected returns and spend time finding the best asset managers in that space. Please Select A Net Worth.


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