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Mysterious Challenger

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Navigation Main page Recent changes Random page. However, while not as popular as it once was, as of late the deck remained viable. Posts Quoted:. Who am i none of your business 6 Similar Decks. Mysterious Challenger can be obtained through The Grand Tournament card packs bought through the ingame Shoppurchased online from the Battle. Battlecry: Put one of each Secret from your deck into the battlefield. This card is the centrepiece to the Secret Paladin hwo - see that page for details. Help Sign In. You should write a guide about this deck. Anyway I've just hit rank 5. Mysterious Challenger. Jump to: navigationsearch. Investments seat probably a place for Mysterious Blade and a Keeper of Uldaman in the deck. This card's value depends on how many Secrets nusiness pulls from your deck when you play it. Please enable JavaScript to get the best experience from this site. Mysterious Challenger is an epic lf minion card, who am i none of your business the Grand Tournament set.


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Who am I? None of your business.

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Mysterious Challenger card sounds in 12 languages -Hearthstone✔, time: 2:39