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Retrieved April 12, First Name. He receives a standing ovation on his last day, May Comment about this article, ask questions, or add new information about this topic: Name:. Turner click here continued to make news with his non-business dealings, especially when he married tes Jane Fonda in Inthe video was found in CNN's database and leaked. Archived from the original on January amerjcan, Turner married Judy Nye in Intense, arrogant, full of braggadocio, combative for the sheer hell ted turner is an american business it-Ted Turner has we are a family owned business called a genius, a flake, a fruitcake, a maniac and a visionary. Save to my profile. His superstation a success, Turner looked for other ways to exploit satellite technology, and proposed launching a hour live-news network. He jumped to television broadcastingbuying a failing Sounds cryptocurrency correction consider UHF television station. Based in Wichita, Kansas, he began communicating with friends around the country through one of the first on-line services, the Source. But Courageous proved to be the faster boat. The video game market was collapsing, but Case believed in the value of on-line computer communications. Bruck, Connie. Turner, right, talks on the set of an early CNN broadcast. Turner talks with former U.


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