TAKIN CARE OF BUSINESS TAB (ver 3) by Bachman-Turner Overdrive @ adibodobe.online

Takin Care Of Business by Bachman

01.04.2019 07:17

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Tell me more Tool Panel. Get a second hand guitar, chances are you'll go far, If you hangin out with the right bunch of fellows. Where can we find your performance? Conseguiu tocar? Mais acessadas de Bachman-Turner Overdrive. OpenCube See more. Rock and Roll April Wine. Here you can post a taking care of business tab or audio performance. Bass TAB. Current rating: 4. Chorus: C riff Bb riff And I'll be takin' care of business everyday. The Beatles. Over the Rainbow. Shrek: The Musical.


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Taking Care of Business - Bachman Turner Overdrive, BTO, time: 4:55