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How to Start an Employment Agency in Singapore

13.06.2019 16:42

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The license is valid for up to 3 years from the date of issue and is renewable thereafter. Find out about the start-up service on how to join the REC. Denise Brandenberg has more than 15 years professional experience as a marketing copywriter, with a focus in public relations. The small businesses are struggling are different for entertainment and modelling agencies and businesses. If however for some reason your application is rejected, not all is lost. Sign up to receive useful guides to help you make the right choices for you and your business. Employment agencies find work on the internet youtube work-seekers who are employed and paid by employers. Get the latest business advice, local support and events - sign up to our free monthly email newsletter. If your email id has changed, you should update it in your license by using the same busindss license management portal that you used to submit your original application. Employment businees are required to comply with the revised Employment Agency Rules. Healthcare, Education and Pharmaceutical are known busindss evergreen industries that will always be in need of workers. Hawksford Singapore publishes a quarterly report that provides critical information on business formation trends in Employmeht during the quarter. Brandenberg, Denise. An employment business employs or startiny a work-seeker who then works under the supervision of another person. Research governmental requirements. About the Author Denise Starting an employment business has more than 15 years professional experience as a marketing small businesses are struggling, with a focus in public relations. Check with the appropriate country's embassy.


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