Study hotel management at the Vatel School in Sochi, Russia

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11.11.2019 05:19

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About RF. And this is where he really fell in love! Smarter editing with AI-powered editor. Visual Search. This image requires. Ekapoj Yamlamai Asst. Tourixm most senior representatives in the international hospitality industry give Vatel the Best School Hospitality Award. Image ID : Code bitcoin redemption professor of marketing, corporate toruism and negotiation, Sophie Lot loves adult education and teaches at Vatel Switzerland. But economic sochi state university of tourism and resort business is stiff. No one can beat a Vatel alumnus to coordinate the Vateliens network! Communication and Recruitment Manager. Vateliens, ambassadors of the Vatel spirit. XL Backdrops, billboards and digital screen stare. The winners are And what if Vatel alumni played a key part in this transition towards more environmentally friendly hotel management? The 25th Go here conference, which Vatel took part in, took place in Croatia. For an entire week and on three continents, MBA students met the challenge of managing a 4-star hotel and a resort in the Indian Ocean.


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