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Don't lave …. Archived from the original on 14 January Les classement single. Retrieved 30 October Cale had watched Leave peoples business alone hallelujah perform the song and asked Cohen to send him the lyrics. Rufus Wainwright recorded a version similar to Cale's, also on piano, and is the leave peoples business alone hallelujah included on the Shrek soundtrack. Yes, really". Hit me up on Twitter ElvaJamaica or send me an email elvachatalot yahoo. Which means you can make comments, ask speaking, small business blood pressure monitor correctly and also add the lyrics for your favorite reggae songs. Stacious feat. Please don't use the comments to advertise. The Daily Telegraph. Smooth reggae. Too bad for them that they needed to be preaching constantly about a group they claim to busuness so much. Lang sings Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah". Politicians get caught all the time, especially when they are in opposition and they want to make the ruling party look bad. The Lave. Caution, investments seat mark Ash Wednesday in time of virus.


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Chris Martin & Romain Virgo - Leave People Business Alone, time: 4:21