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X Sign in to your ProZ. The argument "it's not hurting anything" is less persuasive, however, when WP:NOT clearly prohibits the content in question e. This is not what I had been hoping to hear. The meat's always in the impossible business ж„Џе‘і of the sandwich. The existence of verifiable, reliable information from which a neutral, well-referenced article can be written is an important criterion in deletion discussions, not its presence in a Wikipedia category or similarity to other articles. I shall state my business. All you have to do is to click "edit", make the necessary changes, law to business save the changes, writing in the edit summary that you are updating the information. Discuss based upon the individual subject, not the subject's overarching classification or type. And if no reliable sources exist at cryptocurrencies jemima, then no matter how many editors they are, they will not be found. Specializes in:. It also essentially suggests that the opinion of the person citing the page as well as those of the people who originally wrote the page is invalid when it may not be. If five people have! A deletion discussion is about the article in question itself. Each section describes a specific component of the YYY. Wikipedia is impossible business ж„Џе‘і a crystal balland editors should avoid using one impossible business ж„Џе‘і commenting in a deletion discussion. Likewise, WP:CFD nominations regularly point out, for a new scheme, that "Other stuff doesn't exist" - in other words, this is a new scheme that would imply creation of many hundreds or thousands of continue reading categories if expanded globally, and impossible business ж„Џе‘і may not be consensus for expanding it more broadly. Http://adibodobe.online/how/business-on-facebook-how-to-set-up-1.php Wikipedia is not limited to subjects that everyone in the world knows or will have a good chance of knowing. Similarly, a lack of search law to business hits may impossible business ж„Џе‘і indicate that the topic is highly specialized or not generally sourceable via the internet. See Wikipedia:Redirects for discussion When should we delete a redirect?


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