Common control transactions

Business Combinations under Common Control

18.07.2019 22:00

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This approach is an extension of the acquisition method used in IFRS 3. IAS plus. Contact us to discuss your business challenges Request a meeting. Deloitte comment letter on discussion paper on business combinations under common control 30 Apr Purpose of the transaction : Does the transaction mainly benefit the combining entities or the controlling party? Related Standards. However, it still requires judgment to assess whether there was a transfer of a business or an asset. For more information on these exceptions please refer to our Business Combination Guide. Christopher May. Current status of the project The IASB added this project to its agenda at its December meeting but there were no deliberations. The Board considered the potential to explore a form of predecessor approach for investments seat business combinations under common control. Consideration transferred : Is the consideration determined using the same assumptions that market participants would use? Most research participants feel that the small business money management app amounts of the transferred entity small business money management app be used — one participant argued that using carrying amounts recognised by the controlling party would be a form of so-called push-down accounting and was not appropriate. However, while the predecessor method is simpler it still brings issues this web page to what carrying amount should be used for the assets upon the common control business combination. Sign in. Please see www. Whether the transaction should be retrospectively or prospectively applied is dependent on the nature of the common control transaction. Some examples of common control transactions Common control transactions arise in a range of circumstances.


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