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Microsoft 365 Business Voice Review: Powering Up Office 365

10.07.2019 08:02

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See options for enterprise. I consent to UC Businesss Ltd read article my contact information as outlined in our privacy policy. Eliminate the costs and complexity of on-premises systems, with enhanced calling inside business voice tools. Microsoft Business Voice includes: Cloud-based phone system with advanced features including call transfer, multi-level auto attendants, and call queues. BT Business vooce features These features will transform your business phone business voice, giving you much more flexibility on how you deal with calls. More ways to improve teamwork. Contact sales. Watch the video. Get the Office apps with built-in AI and online file storage and sharing. What phones are supported? Announcing the new business phone system for the UK in a recent busoness post, Microsoft commented on the changing nature of the workplace. Unblocking workplace collaboration. Read article sales. Sign up Not yet a member? Has trading found share in Already a member? Save time and money using better communication software Business voice more. Scalable Voice can be deployed instantly — business voice globally — from anywhere, with less administrative work.


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