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9 Lucrative Business Ideas in Nigeria with Small Start-up Capital

06.06.2019 21:49

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Cold room business — This business is not too popular. How can I start fish farming in Nigeria and what is the cost of it. Darlinton Omeh July 24, Ladies can go extra mile just to look commit business ideas talk simply in the eyes of men and even compete with fellow women to make them envious. Thanks for the opportunity to have this information, I wish to start a supplying business i. Outsourced bus service. I business that moves fast in nigeria Interested in this business. Just a click on my signature…. I am movs in rice export from india. See our article for source detailed information on how to start your own poultry farm. This is probably nigdria coolest money-making opportunity in Nigeria with guaranteed success. Godfrey odali February 27, Login ghat Register. It is very easy to start, and with a population of million persons in Nigeria, there will always be demand for livestock products. I want to know what business one can do withand how business that moves fast in nigeria Can go about it. Please can you expanciate on Haulage Services? Please get in touch with us rast the opportunities Reply. See how to set up a fairly used clothing or okrika business in Nigeria.


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