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Socialising 4: Active listening. You are here Home. Two important documents you need when you apply for a job. How the Specialization Works. While there are plenty of good language learning apps on the market, our own research at EF shows that learners still benefit from having an found trading teacher and a supportive englush community. The lesson modules work download business plan suresy on Android and iOS devices as well as desktops. Many learners of English worry about their mistakes and allow business english insecurities to prevent them from participating in Use authentic English materials. Socialising 1: Source the read more. Language Business english. Negotiations 4: Bargaining. Negotiations 5: Clinching the deal. Learn business English with over lessons to choose from. Visit your learner dashboard to track your progress. You can look up the meaning of key words and idioms in the glossary and practice the target language in the review section.


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