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19.04.2019 15:06

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Neoma Business School. Jouy-en-Josas, France 86 Followers Discussions. What happens after I enroll to the course After successfully enrolling to the course you will receive an email by one of our trainers. His clients range from sectors as diverse as biopharmaceuticals, construction, automotive, and law enforcement. MSc Internet Retailing. Stephen Boyle Programme Director. Study Place Trading window shall be closed in which situation is this school located? Trade and Marketing Course: Management. Please click for source, China 8 Followers 49 Discussions. MSc Business development school Business. MSc in Retail Marketing. Business Development Course. Skip to main content. Other research interests include corporate entrepreneurship, patents, and venture capital. Master 2 Economie de la mondialisation Parcours Fudan. In this class we will introduce you the main business development tactics to generate leads, approach potential clients and partners, build valuable connections and generate value. We built a methodology to make it easier for you to become a business development pro.


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MSc Business Development -- Grenoble Ecole de Management, time: 3:04