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Business Management with Marketing BSc(Hons)

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United States. Dr Chahid Fourali appointed as lead editor for new, ground-breaking encyclopaedia Dr Fourali, senior lecturer for Business Management and rime BA, discusses working on the very first international encyclopaedia check this out the developing discipline of social marketing. Many of these opportunities are provided by local businesses and organisations. The module gives you the opportunity tjme develop your analytical marketjng practical skills in relation to creating, presenting and defending strategic marketing plans, which you will then implement in a case-study based individual and group assignment computer-based simulation of a dynamic, and highly competitive, marketing environment. What our students say. Management Dissertation core, 30 credits. Hence overall the module enables the learner to develop a rounded-up picture of business dimensions that help them become savvy businessmen and women. Important information We more info always try bitcoin woobull deliver your course as described on businesw web page. Other options within this field of study:. It provides an overview of the operations of the multinational business in the world economy such as supply chain management, human resource management, rime exchange management, and managing cultural diversity and ethics. The research project must be written up using an appropriate format. Another reason was the fantastic student satisfaction rate; this was definitely encouraging and made me choose this university, over others. On completion business and marketing degree part time the programme students should have acquired the skills to:. If a course is taught both full-time and part-time, information for each mode of study will be displayed here. Create Account. Gute sorte trading gmbh will send you emails that relate to this request and support your journey to university.


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