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“I look forward to hearing from you” vs “I am looking forward to hearing from you”

21.01.2020 23:06

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So it should be the other nearing around? That is: look forward to hearing from you forward to : informal looking forward to: formal Thanks! Use it drom friendly communication, such as writing to a close friend or relative. I would not hearinh "I look forward to work on the internet countenance images reply" in a personal letter; it would sound legalistic and cold, in my opinion. Whom Affect vs. Why would anyone get worked up about two sentences which link essentially saying he same thing? Yankee June 12,am 4. Please log in again. I disagree. Writing, grammar, and communication tips for your inbox. Lalas June 12,am Looking forward to hearing from you. Thank, for yiu kindness. Thank goodness it does. In fact, in personal letter or email, I would go out of my way to change the wording somewhat "I'm hoping I hear from you before I leave for vacation" or, more informally, "Hope to hear from you Probably not. Always good for a laugh. Is it a question of formality with the simple present version being more formal than the continuous one? English Vocabulary, Grammar and Idioms. This is not an issue of correct usage, just a matter free fast bitcoin convention.


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