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What Does 'Hodl' Mean? The Bitcoin Meme Causing a Storm on Reddit

13.12.2018 20:02

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Then someone realized bitcoun it applies perfectly to Blockstream and their acolytes. You might also enjoy Do your own research. The work on the internet rising youtube was to be short-lived, however, with bitxoin suggesting that only a reenactment of Bitcoin pleased meme Prophecy can return bitcoin to its former highs. Bitcoin pleased meme Blockexplorer. There have been countless shitcoins since, but SHIT will remain the original and worst. Like never. He's previously written whitepapers for blockchain startups and is especially interested in P2P exchanges and DNMs. Not all crypto memes are about scams, just as not all cryptocurrencies are scams, despite what the opening entries in this compendium may suggest. For bitcoin pleased meme wholesome example, we can go to when a guy photobombed U. ICOs might be dead, but the excuses trotted out by investors on the ICO bingo sheet remain as true today as ever. He actually did it, the absolute madman, and lo and behold, bitcoin rallied. Who spawned this particular crypto acronym? Wojaks are a simple yet devastatingly effective expression of trader agony and ecstasy. To be on the wrong end of a pump or dump is to be bogged by forces greater than you will ever know.


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