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To get your search started, check out our guide to the top small business grants for women. Equity financing is when a business owner raises money from venture capital VC firms and investors. In return for capital, investors get a portion of ownership or equity in your business.

Working with an investor can be a great option if you need a large amount of capital to start a new business or scale your business—and could use some solid business wisdom from investors along the way. However, finding the right investor can be challenging.

Here are some options to help you get started:. This investment firm accepts pitches from men and women-led businesses, but about one-third of funded companies are owned by women. Belle Capital: This is an early-stage angel fund that targets digital, technology-enabled products and services, life sciences, medical devices, health IT, and cleantech market sectors.

Additionally, businesses applying for funding with Belle Capital must have at least one female founder or C-level executive. Springboard Enterprises: Springboard supports high-growth, women-led companies seeking equity financing for expansion. Once again, although inherently different from small business loans for women, VC platforms can be a great way to raise capital, particularly if you have a rapidly growing company and need significant investment to take your business to the next level.

As you can see, there are dozens of small business loans, grants, and other resources for female entrepreneurs. And—because retail is considered a low-growth industry, lenders and other investors are less likely to provide capital. Some surveys show that women entrepreneurs are hesitant to ask for as much capital as their male counterparts, both for small business loans and equity financing.

Most investors are white men—and only 9. Therefore, cultural differences and problems of harassment can make it harder for women to successfully pitch their ideas to male investors. At the end of the day, despite the inequality that still exists between male and female entrepreneurs, there are more financing options for women-led businesses than ever before.

Ultimately, the right financing for your business will depend on a variety of factors—including your specific needs, qualifications, and more. Want to know more about Fundera? Accounting Comparisons QuickBooks vs. FreshBooks Xero vs. QuickBooks Xero vs. Sage QuickBooks Online vs. This enables them to maintain some of the highest customer ratings in the industry. Does the company have good reviews? No reviews? Are they FDIC insured? Are there any common complaints?

Do they offer decent interest rates? The same questions you would ask of a bank you should be asking of your online lenders. The last thing you want to do when attempting to secure a loan is to surrender your personal information to the wrong person. This can set you up for a myriad of issues, including criminal interest rates and predatory lending or, even worse, identity theft.

Overall, online lending is very safe and secure, and legitimate lenders have the data and customer reviews to back it up. Those are the lenders you should be borrowing from. However, you need to shop for a loan in accordance with what you need. The upside is that venture capital can provide a steady stream of funding, even after you move past the startup stage. There are scores of VC firms out there, and a handful of them work primarily with women-owned startups.

BBG Ventures , Female Founders Fund , and Golden Seeds are just a few firms that are actively investing in women-led companies across sectors like tech, healthcare, and e-commerce. Angel investors are often business owners themselves who are out to help up-and-coming entrepreneurs succeed.

Taking your funding needs to the crowd is another possibility for anyone wanting to launch a startup or bolster an already-thriving business. There are two basic ways you can crowdfund a small business. First is equity crowdfunding, which is similar to venture capital or angel investing. When a pool of investors comes together to back your business, each of them gets a percentage of equity in return. Next is rewards-based crowdfunding.

Think Kickstarter or Indiegogo. Instead of offering equity in your company, you can give investors a different kind of incentive, like sample product or other rewards. There is no such thing as small business loans for women. The best rates and repayment terms are likely going to be found through your bank.

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